Remote Production

 We offer professional remote production of events. This means you can have live presenters and guests from all over the world mixed in with pre-recorded content. It can be broadcast live, or recorded for post-production.

Our remote production system integrates with nearly every type of media – these are all added on demand or live.

a photo of remote production software on a pc, showing the CCS Insight Logo
a photo of a pc screen showing remote production software

We can add motion graphics with your brand to the production. Lower thirds and video introduction stings to deliver a professional broadcast experience.

To join our system as a participant, all you need is a webcam, microphone and headphones. However, for higher resolution productions, we can provide a completely contactless setup that’s easy to install.

During a stream, every participant gets their own audio and video feed, as well as a virtual talkback feature for our technical team to communicate with presenters while live.

This keeps the master and talkback audio separate and allows precise control of the main audio feed by our production team.

Our team is very experienced and can provide professional advice on every aspect of the process. Getting the highest quality video and audio feeds is our top priority and with our ever-increasing equipment store, we can send high quality equipment to you as well.

If you still need an in-person broadcast, we can combine remote and live guests to one seamless stream. If required, we can provide a completely contactless service. We’re committed to keeping you safe and you can read how on our COVID-19 page.

Our remote production system can add a virtual studio to your event, using a green screen chroma key to remove the background from presenters. Introducing a studio makes your event truly unique and makes it stand out from the crowd.

The virtual studio is fully customisable and can be branded with your logo and other graphics.

Have a look at the video to see our virtual studio in action.

Case Study: CCS Insight - Predictions Week: 2021 and Beyond

For CCS Insight’s annual Predictions event, we successfully produced ten live broadcasts. Usually, this is an event that is held in-person but due to the pandemic, the team at CCS Insight contracted us to deliver the event virtually across five days.

We filmed five keynotes on location, which were blended with five remotely produced interviews with C-level contributors from some of the world’s biggest blue-chip companies including Facebook, BT, Intel, Verizon, and Microsoft.

After each keynote and interview, up to eight analysts joined a live question and answer session remotely from their home offices and took questions that had been posed to them via our audience Q&A system.

These events were streamed via the CCS Insight webpage and the event attracted over 3,300 live viewers.

"Mark and his team provided an incredibly professional service and his calm approach to all aspects of the project helped to put all the participants at ease, something that was particularly important given the number of VIP partners we had involved in the event"